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Here are some of my recently uploaded photos


Clematis, Alta, CA 2015

Cactus Flower, North Valleys, Reno, NV, 2014

My Truck (I wish) Colfax, CA Car Show 2014

Alta, CA 2015

The '65, Reno, NV 2015

Cody, Alta, CA 2015

Tollhouse Lake, CA 2014

Tollhouse Lake, CA 2014, different view

First place March 2019, Spring is in the Air

Small to large! Max, Angel, Foxy, and Charlie April 2019

Sun from our backyard April 2019, unedited

English tack set Iím working on, March 2019

Mighty Max, I love this smile! March 2019

Broken Otter Netherland Dwarf, 3 weeks

Pastel of a Netherland Dwarf 7/4/2019

Pastel of Dragon Dwarfs logo 6/2019

ANDRC sweepstakes points for region 9! I'm in there! Woo hoo!

Broken black otter Netherland dwarf, 3 weeks

Black otter Doe, 3 weeks

July 2019 ANDRC National points! Only 5 shows♡

Broken doe, 4 weeks

Otter doe 4 weeks

Broken otter doe 4 weeks, hates posing, lol

Sable marten doe, jersey wooly program

Baby from rogues first litter, 11 days