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Shooting Stars Herd Bunnies

Abbeyroads Frankie

Siamese Sable buck born May 2018.  Frankie is my main herd buck and is quite the character.  He’s very picky on his cage, and now that he is in his new stacking cage with a window view of the flowers, he is very happy, jumping kicking and playing with his toys.  Not a big fan of being handled, we let him do what he wants.  He knows he comes out for posing and if he does it right he gets to go back in his cage quick, lol.  I took him to my first show in 14 years this past Saturday May 11, 2019 in Reno, there were some beautiful animals shown, but little Frankie did get a BOSG!


Thank you Sarah Maki for this beautiful little buck, I’m so excited to see how he matures.

TMPís Nice Guy

Little Romeo is the best natured little bunny, running to the front of the cage to be petted! My husbands daugter waned to hold a bunny, tough choice with a barn full of high strung dwarfs, lol, little Romeo was the perfect choice to be her house bunny during her visit! For the time being he is enjoying being a very spoiled dwarf!

Snowden's Mindy

Little junior siamese sable doe.  Mindy is very sweet and settling into living here.  She is very playful and loves her daily portion of oats.  Excited to see how she turns out.

Snowden's Nicole

Black otter senior doe.  Little Nicole is so much better! Not looking bad for almost 4 years old! We put her with the buck today and afterwards her transformation was almost immediate! She felt useful again I think, hopefully we will get some babies from this sweet bunny🐰

Abbeyroad's Rose

Cute little black junior doe.  This girl is a character! She roots thru her food...digs it out of the feeder, cute wasteful.  She is so full of herself she jumps and bounces all the time.  Her fur seems a bit long and a little wooly around her lower neck.  Most likely junior coat, but if she does get woolly, she will be a lovely addition to my Jersey Woolie program.


Abbeyroad's Becky

This little girl will make a great brood doe for us. She is a mellow sweet girl, after only being here 2 days, she eats oats from my hand, just love her❤️


Snowden's Dory

Love this adorable little girl! We are going to show her as a jersey when she gets older! Dory is short for adorable! She has that soft junior coat that needs groomed...letting her settle a few days befor I groom her...loves being pet and scratched, she licks when you scratch her! Too cute😂❤️

DTL's Cocolatta

I just love this doe! S.she has such a nice pattern. Im so excited to add a broken to my program!

DTLís Powerless

This adorable buck from Sarah Maki will be our herd buck for my Jersey Woolie project.  He is the sweetest little guy! He is going through the wild woolies with his fur and we are letting him settle in before we bug him with posing for pix.  Thank you again Sarah 😊


This adorable cotton fluff ball is our newest addition! Thank you Sarah Maki! We can’t wait for her to come home😍😍😍😍

Omega's Rogue One

Thank you FAB rabbitry!

Thank you Tabitha Fenstermaker for this lovely bunny, coming to me at convention 2019.  I have missed fuzzy lops since 1993! So happy to get one again!

Now how did that American Fuzzy Lop get in there?

Golden Acre's Lamborghini 

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