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Shooting Star's History
Horses, bunnies, dogs, cats oh my!

When I started Shooting Star Rabbitry it was 1985 ad my first bunny was a BEW polish named Billy Jack.  He was a great first bunny, but resembled a netherland more than a polish and didn't show well.  Mini lops followed and I finally settled on Holland Lops. Many shows and years later my rabbitry evolved into raising and showing four breeds,  Holland Lops, American Fuzzy Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Mini Rex.

In the early 1990's I began raising Shiba Inu dogs and then bred and showed Scottish Fold cats with my mom Penny Lee.

All of my life I have rescued fostered and pretty much did anything within my power to better the life of animals from fostering, working with and eventually starting my own Feral cat program.

As I have gotten older, I am unable to foster and rescue like I did, although I am active as I can be online, I have decided to get involved with a wonderful breed, The toy and Mini Australian Shepard.

Our first, Charlie came to us fromm Honey Lake Mini Aussies, thanks again Lindsay and he is our therapy dog, constant ocompanion and best friend.  We love him so much, we are getting back into showing and hopefully raising some of these lovely little dogs to share with others.  Charlie is fixed, but we are expecting our first show breeding prospect from Dolls and dogs in Late January 2016.

Little Angel came, followed by Max.  Sadly we have never gotten a litter from little Angel

In early 2019 I decided to get back into raising and showing Netherlands again.  Our first little Siamese Sable herd buck, Frankie, came home March, 5 2019 at the WCC, thank you Jeremy Collins for this great little buck and magnificent foundation does for my otter program.  We have since added several bunnies!  Check out our other pages to see them.  Thank you to some amazing breeders! Modern Farms, DTL Rabbitry, and Omega Dwarfs for our foundation stock.

Check back often as we do all kinds of other cool stuf and are always updating our pics!

God Bless

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Page updated January 12, 2016