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Welcome to Shooting Stars Home Page!

Welcome to my website! I recently got back into my lifelong love of raising and showing rabbits.  Right now we are concentrating on Netherland dwarfs in the shaded group, with a bit of otters on the side, lol.  A special thank you to Jeremy Collins for all your help and advice and for the opportunity to start with such great foundation stock.  Thank you FAB Rabbitry for selling me Omega's Rogue One, and Tami Bowman for breeding such a magnificent animal.

Convention 2019 is right around the corner! New bunnies coming soon🥰

We just got a new digital camera and will be updating all of our pictures within the next 2 weeks.
And Thanks Again For Visiting Shooting Star's Website!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW does this statement date this website or what, lol I now have a IPOD, IPAD & smartphone and have no need for a digital camera, how times change....

In Loving memory of Christopher Clark Mefford, 9/10/1973 - 9/2/14, You are Missed!

3 week old kit by GC Omega’s Rogue One out of DTL’s Cocolatta

Dragon Dwarfs new logo!

I've given the dwarfs their own rabbitry name! Very fitting with our tiny but fierce breed! 

Visit the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club

Updated July 2019