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Shooting Stars Favorite Photos

Here is some of our most current photos!
We are currently selecting some of our favorite photos, check back daily for new photos! Please e-mail us with any photo requests & we will do our best to add them to this page. Click on the contact button the menu for information on how to contact us.

This is the view from the entryway where we used to live in Beaverton Oregon, right before we left for Reno, Nevada

Here's a picture of one of our newts and a baby frog.

Pink Rhododendron, Alta, CA 2015

This is our new addition "Mini" here she is 4 weeks old!

Here's a cute little squirrel in Beaverton, Oregon

Here is one of the cuties in our office ceiling

Aren't I cute in my shades!!!

This freakish looking thing is a Nutria

Here he is again up close

"Even though its bigger than me im gonna kill it!"

"Leave me alone I'm sleeping"

"Alright I'm awake now, what do you want?"

This is a creek on the top of the Sierras by Hunter Lake

View of Reno from the hill below Hunter Lake

This is "Kitty" Mini's and our best friend she is 7 years young!

The same creek different view

Close up of downtown Reno

"Kitty" June 9, 2002

Hunter Lake Creek, different view

If you look really close you can see about 10 Brook Trout

Creek at Rancho San Rafael 6-8-02

Lower waterfalls on Hunter Lake creek

Close up of Brook Trout at Hunter Lake creek

Little Muskrat at Rancho San Rafael 6-8-02

Coming down from Hunter Lake

Looking up at the first big washout on the way to Hunter Lake

Tiny- Charlies beautiful baby girl! Born 5-9-02, taken 6-9-02

Different view of the road

Star's Charlie (bright light, bright light, oh no!)

CM2- Charlies son, born 5-9-02, taken 6-9-02

Updated May 28, 2016